Keep that shopper looking at blueberries for a moment longer with engaging point-of-sale material. ( File Photo )

Looking for ways to draw shopper eyeballs to blueberries for a few extra seconds? We recently spoke with berry grower-shippers for a PMG magazine article on the growth of blueberry sales, and these are a few of their suggestions for fun facts to sweeten your point-of-sale materials.

California Giant 

  • Use "Meet the Grower" signage with a photo and a couple sentences about the supplier of the berries.
  • Merchandise recipe ingredients together on a table, offer recipe cards, and use an appealing photo of the finished product to entice shoppers to get everything they need to replicate it.



Rainier Fruit

  • Blueberries freeze in just four minutes, so shoppers can stock up now and use their extra berries later in smoothies and other recipes.
  • Blueberries and mint are a great combination for a fresh-tasting summer beverage.
  • July is National Blueberry Month.
  • Blueberries have Vitamin C, which as everyone knows — as evidenced by citrus sales the last couple of months — is great for the immune system.

Wish Farms

  • The perfect sheen on fresh blueberries will have a soft, dusty white coating called "bloom." Bloom is a natural part of the growing process and protects the blueberries from harsh sunlight.
  • Some blueberries are extra sweet, and some are more tangy. Eat them in bites of three to get the whole package of flavor.
  • Blueberry plants are harvested for multiple consecutive years. This differs from strawberries, for which new plants are grown each year.

Read more about the growth of blueberry sales in recent years here: Singing the blues ⁠— Blueberry sales growth and what's driving it.