( Courtesy Bobalu Berries )

Bobalu Berries, Oxnard, Calif., has launched a website that focuses on the 60-year history of the family firm, as well as the vision of the future from managing partners Bobby and RC Jones.

The site, www.bobaluberries.com, includes video clips, company history and a link to subscribe to a weekly newsletter from the company, the 10 O’clock Walk.

“Without the ability to travel this year and see customers face to face, we’re excited to share this new website providing an online introduction to our mission and story of who Bobalu Berries is today and where we are going in the future,” Bobby Jones said in a news release.

Bobby Jones manages the Oxnard and southern berry regions, and most administrative operations of the company, according to the release, and RC Jones manages the Santa Maria and northern regions, and most on-farm decisions.

“We really enjoyed being part of the new project and having the ability to use this platform to share our story,” RC Jones said about the website, in the release. “This is just the beginning.”

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