South Bay, Fla.-based Branch: A Family of Farms is anticipating a strong leafy vegetable season with new varieties, having dodged crop damage from Hurricane Irma in September.

“As we look ahead to our leafy vegetable season, we expect to see increased demand due to excitement around our regional offerings, as well as advantages for our customers in freshness and overall delivered cost,” Brett Bergmann, company president, said in a news release.

Branch invests in research and development of new vegetable varieties with benefits for performing well in Southern growing conditions as well as for the consumer eating experience, according to the release.

That research has resulted in multiple new varieties this season, including an endive with better tolerance to heat and humidity.

Branch is also trialing a new pack for cilantro, curly and plain parsely in a few markets this season, according to the release.

A favorably cooler winter forecast, current crop outlook and anticipated demand have Branch predicting a strong season for its leafy vegetable program, which includes escarole, endive, Chinese cabbage, a variety of lettuces, kale, cilantro and Italian and plain parsely.