Branch: A Family of Farms, is shipping eco-friendly compostable trays to retailers. ( Courtesy Branch: A Family of Farms )

Branch: A Family of Farms is using new eco-friendly trays for corn year-round.

The company has explored packaging options as it adopts sustainability measures throughout the company, according to a news release, and the corn trays are moisture-proof, microwaveable and 100% compostable.

“We are committed to providing our customers with solutions to rising consumer demand, and in this case it meant an environmentally-friendly packaging solution,” Brett Bergmann, president of Branch, said in a news release. “Three years ago we introduced our sustainer carton which replaced wire-bound boxes and today we are excited to offer our eco-friendly corn tray program.”

Bergmann said customers who’ve received the trays are pleased.

The South Bay, Fla.-based sweet corn grower-packer-shipper cited an annual study from EcoFocus on the rise of sustainable packaging at retail. According to the study, consumers who are considered “responsible packaging shoppers” now make up 59% of the segment, a 16-percentage-point increase to 43% in the past five years.