Many shoppers will accept or reject a brand based on the causes or practices that brand champions, according to a survey.

West Des Moines, Iowa-based advertising agency Meyocks found that nearly 60% of consumers believe brands should advocate for shoppers and their interests, with 24% reporting they boycotted a produce brand when its actions did not mesh with their values, according to a news release. Far and away the area with most interest was environmental issues, with 71% stating produce brands should advocate in that arena.

“It isn’t always enough for produce brands to represent fresh, high-quality fruits and vegetables anymore,” Doug Jeske, president of Meyocks, said in the release. “Today’s consumers are looking for brands with an inspiring purpose, that show they care and make their lives easier in some way.”

The survey appeared to affirm that companies already providing recipe ideas and storage directions are on the right track, as nearly 75% of consumers said they expect “value-added” information like how to get the most out of a product and different ways to use it.

Meyocks also reports that 66% of consumers see it as important for brands to inspire them to be better.

“As a rapidly growing industry with nearly $69 billion in annual sales, produce brands have a big opportunity to stand out by finding unique ways to build better relationships with customers,” Jeske said in the release. “One particular area produce brands may explore is mentor branding, which includes customer advocacy, inspiring customers and providing value-added information.”