Amstad changes ownership

Jeff Amstad, partner and sales for Amstad Produce LLC, Sherwood, Ore., said he, along with his brother Wayne Amstad and cousin Todd Dimbat, are in the process of buying out their parents Tony and DeeAnn Amstad in ownership of the business in the next few months.
Amstad also has assumed the role of lead salesman for the company.

Norm Nelson revamps site

Myron Ayers, sales manager for Norm Nelson Inc., Burlington, Wash., which produces Double-N Potatoes, said the company is working to update its Double-N Potatoes website. 
The new look should be ready by this fall, he said.

University estimates drought

Washington State University researchers have released a report analyzing what a water shortage has meant for Odessa, Wash., potato growers, and it’s not good news. 
Since 2005, irrigated potato acreage in the area has dropped by more than 25% because of water quantity and quality issues. 
According to the Washington State report, the cost of completely losing potato production in the Odessa area would be more than $37 million annually and about 1,100 jobs. 
If potato processing plants subsequently reduced their output, the estimated effect on the state’s economy would be more than $138 million annually, with nearly 3,000 lost jobs.