( Courtesy Cal-Organic Farms )

Cal-Organic Farms, Bakersfield, Calif., is shipping new crop red and gold potatoes to U.S. and Canadian customers.

The organic potatoes will be followed by russet and rainbow fingerling varieties, also organic, in June.

The company is harvesting the red and gold potatoes in California’s desert region and will move to Kern County in late May, when harvest of the company’s complete portfolio of potatoes will begin, according to a news release.

Cal-Organic, a division of Grimmway Farms, will ship potatoes through October.

“We are anticipating outstanding quality and consistent supply to launch our fresh crop potato program,” Bob Borda, vice president of organic sales at Grimmway Farms, said in the release.

The red and gold potatoes are available in 3- and 5-pound packs and 50-pound cartons filled with A, B or C-sized potatoes, according to the release. A red/gold medley is available in 3- and 1.5-pound (new this season) bags.

Another new pack is the 1.5-pound bag of red potatoes in uniform B and C sizes, according to the release.

With the Kern County harvest, organic russets will be available in 3- and 5-pound packs and 50-pound bulk cartons. The fingerlings (gold/red/purple) will be available in 1.5-pound mesh bags and 25- and 50-pound bulk cartons, with single color options available, according to the release.

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