Karen Ross ( Courtesy CDFA )

California Agriculture Secretary Karen Ross has penned a thank-you letter for retailers and food distributors across the country.

Noting their essential function, Ross said the retailers and distributors were taken for granted before the COVID-19 pandemic, but have proven themselves heroes as supply chains have become strained and demand rapidly increased.

California farmers, ranchers and farm workers understand the difficulty in managing supplies, maintaining efficient distribution and providing safe shopping environments for consumer and workers, according to the letter, posted on the California Grown blog.

“All of this has been accomplished with a level of care, service and dedication that makes us proud to be part of your supply chain,” she wrote.

Ross acknowledges the long hours for warehouse workers, truck drivers who have added routes, and new outlets made to get food to consumers.

“We are grateful for retail employees in-store, delivery drivers, and those working at headquarters who have helped us adapt to a new way of life by providing a sense of order in these uncertain times,” Ross wrote.

“Each harvest provides a brighter future, and together we will do what we’ve always done to provide healthy nutritious food (and beautiful flowers) for your customers, our neighbors and communities across this state and nation,” according to the letter.

“We commend you for your ongoing efforts.  Your work and service has been nothing less than world class,” Ross concludes.

To see how retailers and distributors are changing to meet consumers' needs during the pandemic, see The Packer's COVID-19 page.

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