( Courtesy California Avocado Commission )

The California Avocado Commission, Irvine, has kicked off its 2019 advertising campaign, targeting “super avocado users” and “premium Californians.”

The campaign runs beyond the peak Fourth of July consumption period, according to a news release, and builds on Nielsen research for the commission last year. 

The research firm compared opinions of consumers exposed to the group’s digital advertising to consumers who didn’t see the ads, according to a news release.

After being exposed to the promotions, brand awareness increased, with 93% of consumers saying they’d recommend California avocados. Also, adults with household incomes more than $75,000 were more likely to say they preferred California avocados, according to the release.

“We are confident that our media plan reaches our ‘premium Californians’ target, which includes male and female avocado shoppers as well as more specific demographic and mindset criteria,” Jan DeLyser, commission vice president of marketing, said in the release.

The commission is using social media and retailer-specific programs, including targeted digital throughout the season. 

Media used in the campaign includes audio, outdoor, digital and social media, including Spotify ads.
“Customers are chomping at the bit and we are excited that our marketing campaign is starting,” DeLyser said in the release. 

“With California avocado distribution focused in California and the West this year, it is critical that CAC targets our advertising geographically and we are using partners who have fine-tuned location targeting tactics to serve our retail messages.”

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