( Courtesy California Avocado Commission )

The California Avocado Commission is preparing its virtual “booth” for the start of the United Fresh LIVE! online trade show, scheduling live presentations and chef demonstrations.

United Fresh LIVE! kicks off June 15, with a five-day schedule. The avocado commission will have booth programming June -15-18, according to a news release.

“Participating in a virtual trade show is a new experience for the commission and we are hoping for hearty engagement with customers and other industry members during the event,” Jan DeLyser vice president of marketing for the commission, said in the release. “During a traditional trade show CAC brings added value with in-booth activity. With the virtual booth focused on chat and messages, we decided to host daily web-based presentations to add value to the virtual experience.”

During the expo “power hours” of 10 a.m. to noon Pacific, the commission’s retail marketing directors, David Anderson and Carolyn Becker, along with commission staff, will be available through the booth’s online platform.

At 11 a.m. Pacific every day (pending attendance), video meetings will feature DeLyser, with updates on the crop and how the commission responded to the pandemic, and Kim Kurata talking about foodservice programs, avocado nutrition and chef demonstrations. Commission presentations will complement United Fresh topics, including organics, women in produce and foodservice, according to the release.

The commission will post topics and links to the Zoom meetings each morning June 15-18.

“I would like to invite California avocado customers and industry members to visit the commission’s virtual booth by registering for United Fresh Live, attending the expo and searching for ‘California Avocado Commission’, as well as joining our Zoom meetings,” DeLyser said in the release. “We may not be able to hug or shake hands, but it sure will be good to chat.”