( Courtesy California Avocado Commission )

The California Avocado Commission, Irvine, has opened an online merchandise shop for aficionados of the fruit, offering shirts, socks, stickers and other items.

“The California Avocado Commission team has worn California avocado-branded apparel at festivals and events for years, and we always hear ‘Where can I buy a shirt/hat/bag like that?’” Jan DeLyser, vice president marketing, said in a news release. “Now fans will have a convenient online shop where they can purchase merchandise and show off their love of California avocados.”

The online shop — shop.californiaavocado.com — is also available through Facebook and Instagram. The items include the commission’s advertising slogans (The best avocados have California in them) and iconic images such as the California state flag (with an avocado instead of the state bear) or a California highway sign.

Avocados are not for sale on the site.

“The commission is not in the business of selling avocados, not through traditional channels and not through the online store,” DeLyser said in the release. “This program is all about dynamic and engaging marketing.”

Marketing support for the online shop will continue into the off-season and will include an e-mail blast to the nearly 200,000 people who subscribe to the California avocado newsletter. A social media campaign will be complemented by 20 influencers who will boost engagement, according to the release.

While the season is winding down, fruit still is available for late-season programs, according to the release. The commission has used streaming video, digital ads, content partner programs, social media programs and billboard advertising for late summer programs.

About 90% of the crop has been harvested. DeLyser said supplies might last to Halloween this season.

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