California Giant's Eric Valenzuela (leftt) and Nick Chappell ( Courtesy California Giant Berry Farms )

California Giant Berry Farms, Watsonville, Calif., has introduced a sustainability initiative.

Using Measure to Improve’s tools and benchmarks, California Giant is increasing efficiencies and profitability and taking a proactive approach to sustainability measures, according to a news release.

The company has an on-farm sustainability program led by strawberry grower Rich Uto, with an energy efficiency project at California Giant’s cooling facilities and a zero-waste program at its headquarters, according to the release.

California Giant focuses on three pillars of sustainability: people, planet and profit.

“This is a path we see the industry as a whole is taking, and it's one we are proud to be involved in,” Nick Chappell, director of retail sales for California Giant, said in the release. “When we heard from some of our key customers that increased on-farm sustainability and social accountability was something they wanted to see more of from their top berry suppliers, we listened and got to work.”

Member of the company’s “green team” are from diverse departments and meet to discuss progress and data.

“It’s not necessarily about ‘being green.’ it’s about being smart,” Valenzuela said in the release. “It’s about ensuring our employees are happy, ensuring we’re producing the best berries as efficiently as we can, and protecting our planet and future generations.

“We have started this sustainability journey and it’s up to us to follow through and pave the way for others in the industry,” he said in the release.

California Giant plans to be fully sustainable by the end of the year.