( Logo courtesy California Table Grape Commission )

Seven students in California’s grape-growing regions received scholarships from California’s table grape growers, through the California Table Grape Commission.

All recipients will be attending California universities or vocational schools, according to a news release.

This year, the seven scholarships totaled $123,500.

$20,000 Four-year Field Worker Scholarship recipients:
>Alex Aguilar — San Diego State University
>Julissa Elizondo — University of California-Davis
>Diego Garcia — University of California-Davis

$3,500 Two-year Field Worker Scholarship recipient:
>Stephanie Torres — Clovis Culinary Arts Academy

$20,000 Four-year Agricultural Scholarship recipients:
>Juan Espinoza — California State University, Bakersfield
>Nicholas Patton — University of California-Davis
>Zachary Wilson — Cal Poly, San Louis Obispo

Since 1985, the California Table Grape Commission has awarded more than 130 scholarships to children of table grape field workers, according to the release.

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