California"s Monterey County, which holds the nation"s salad bowl, set another record with $4.5 billion in production value for 2014, according to a report last week. 
It was an increase of 6.5% over the previous high, set the year before. 
So everything is going fine for agriculture in the state, right?
We know that"s not true with the drought and labor problems, and in fact, it"s surprising how productive the area was.
To use a modern theme, it"s unsustainable.
Norm Groot, executive director of the Monterey County Farm Bureau, said California growers are early adopters and have been using new technologies in irrigation.
Technology should not stop there.
At the kickoff of Forbes Media"s AgTech Summit, Steve Forbes said if Israel can use water desalination technology to grow crops, California can as well.
The conference promises to mesh Silicon Valley with the Salinas Valley, with topics such as biotech, precision farming and big data.
With labor being a continuing challenge, there"s a market there for technology to address as well. 
California seems to have unprecedented problems, but it also has knowledgable growers and agriculture infrastructure, great climate and access to new technologies.
As the Monterey County report indicates, it"s a growth area.
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