Workers harvest cantaloupes for Westside Produce Inc. ( Courtesy Westside Produce Inc. )

Classic Fruit sees good fruit set and size

Classic Fruit Co. Inc., Fresno, Calif., will enter the second year of its partnership with ATB Packing Co., Turlock. Calif., said Tom Conrado, vice president of West Coast sales and business development for Classic Fruit Co.

With overall acreage expected stable compared with a year ago, Conrado said cantaloupe and honeydew harvest for the firm could start by about June 21 and continue with consistent supply through the first week of October.

“In the early fields we are seeing good fruit set and size,” he said. “We are pretty excited about what is coming up.”


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Del Mar Farms expects 15% volume increase

Patterson, Calif.-based Del Mar Farms expects to see a 15% bump up in volume this year across its melon offerings in the Tracy and Firebaugh area, said salesman Heriberto Hernandez.

The firm grows cantaloupe, honeydew, hami melons and watermelons.

Harvest is expected to begin the last week of June and continue through the last week of October.

The company offers organic volume of honeydew and cantaloupes, he said, and has increased volume compared with last year.


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Westside Produce expects strong year

Cantaloupe and honeydew volume will start in late June and early July, said Garrett Patricio, chief operating officer for Westside Produce Inc., Firebaugh, Calif.

The company continues to experiment with new varieties and anticipates adding cold storage space to its facility, he said, to accommodate longer shelf-life melons and the need to hold product over weekend periods when truck availability is tight.

Westside Produce anticipates it will market about 75% cantaloupe to about 25% honeydew melon, he said, with similar acreage to a year ago.