CPMA food safety fund
( CPMA )

Created to help fund food safety research and education with a Canadian focus, the Canadian Food Safety Fund is open for business.

The board of the Canadian Produce Marketing Association decided to create the fund about a year and a half ago, and Jeff Hall, food safety specialist with the CPMA, and the association is in the process of launching the member-supported fund early this year.

“It is one of the key objectives I have had since coming on board with CPMA (a year ago) to get the fund up and running,” he said. 

According to the CPMA website, the group’s food safety technical subcommittee, which reports to CPMA’s food safety committee, will review research proposals and make recommendations to the food safety committee. The committee plans to identify successful proposals and determine funding allocation.

Hall declined to give any funding goals for the group.

“I’m hoping to have all the background and operational stuff done within the next couple of months,” he said. By early spring, Hall said the fund will begin exploring possible research projects to sponsor, or existing projects in Canada or the U.S. the fund may want to support. 

The fund will also be used for food safety education for CPMA members, he said. 

The CPMA is beginning a series of food safety forums beginning Jan. 30 through the end of February, with events planned for Leamington, Toronto, Calgary and Burnaby in Canada and one in Salinas, Calif. The forums will cover both U.S. and Canadian food safety regulations, he said.

Hall said the Canadian Food Safety Fund will bring food safety research and educational benefits to the Canadian produce trade.