( Courtesy Chelan Fresh Marketing )

As the Washington cherry harvest nears, Chelan Fresh has new packaging for its conventional and organic cherries.

The new pouches, launched in late 2018, features a window in the shape of a cherry, allowing consumers to see the fruit in the Chelan Fresh and Cascade Crest Organics brands.

Matching display-ready cartons with pop-top lids convert after shipping to become a merchandising message board in stores.

“From a distance, the premium look of this packaging leaves no doubt for consumers that cherries have landed on the shelves of their favorite retailer,” marketing director Mac Riggan said in the release.

Chelan Fresh offers cherries in 1-pound to 4-pound clamshells that match the look of the new pouches. A new option this season is a top sealed pack in 2- and 3-pounds.

“This new top seal gives retailers and consumers a more eco-friendly option with the recyclable tray and think film,” Riggan said in the release. “We want to do our part to continue to evolve and make all of our packaging more friendly for the environment.”

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