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Under the weight of retaliatory tariffs from China, U.S. fresh cherry exports dropped 17% in July.

Trade statistics from the U.S. Department of Agriculture show that total U.S. exports of fresh cherries totaled 44,953 metric tons in July, down from 53,987 metric tons in July a year ago.

U.S. cherry exports to China dropped from 43% in July compared with year-ago levels, from 15,959 metric tons in July 2017 to 9,091 metric tons in July 2018.

Canada ranked as the top export market for U.S. cherries in July, taking 12,818 metric tons, down 9% compared with 14,131 metric tons a year ago.

Other markets showed mixed trends in July:

  • South Korea: 5,957 metric tons, up 17% from a year ago;
  • Taiwan: 5,396 metric tons, down 9% from a year ago;
  • Hong Kong: 4,771 metric tons, down 23% from a year ago; and 
  • Australia: 1,642 metric tons, up 20% from a year ago.