Andres Armstrong (left), executive director of the Chilean Blueberry Committee and Felipe Silva, the group's new president. ( Courtesy Chilean Blueberry Committee )

Felipe Silva, general manager of Zurgroup, is the Chilean Blueberry Committee’s new president.

He succeeds Felipe Juillerat, formerly of Hortifruit, according to a news release.

Silva was unanimously elected during the committee’s board meeting earlier this month. He said it is a unique time in the blueberry industry across the globe, with changes in international supplies generating challenges.

“It is crucial that Chile achieves greater consistency in regard to the arrival condition of our blueberries,” he said, according to the news release. “There is a new market reality with increased competition, so this is essential.  If we don’t continue to raise our standards, it could affect our leading role as a fresh blueberry supplier, a position that we have developed over many years.”

Silva praised the Chilean blueberry industry’s food safety record and the fruit’s flavor, and stressed the importance of a consistent product.

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