( Courtesy CFFA )

The Chilean Kiwifruit Committee is kicking off its first marketing campaign for North America, following rising volumes of the Fruit arriving in the U.S. each season.

Retail and social media promotions are running June through September, and the message Will be focused on the quality of the Fruit this season, according to a news reléase.

Dry matter levels (everything in the fruit, minus the wáter) in the season’s crop is a focus, with high dry matter leading to a consistent quality of the fruit throughout the supply chain, according to the reléase.

“There is a direct link between dry matter and sweetness of fruit,” Carlos Cruzat, chairman of the committee, said in the release. “With the high dry matter we’re seeing throughout the industry, we feel confident that consumers are going to have a great experience with Chilean kiwifruit, resulting in repeat purchases and kiwifruit category growth for retailers.”

As of May 22, Chilean kiwifruit shipments to North America totaled almost 11,000 tons, according to the release. Weekly shipments will continue into September, and the fruit has strong storage potential, according to the release, with availability into October.

The fruit is larger than last season, with most of the volume between size 30 and 33. 
Chilean Fresh Fruit Association (CFFA) merchandizers are planning in-store and online promotions for June through August.

“Our promotions will generate increased kiwifruit sales and shine light on the potential of kiwifruit to become a bigger player in the produce department,” Karen Brux, CFFA managing director, said in the release. 

Social media promotions include recipes, videos, nutrition information, usage ideas and crop updates. Media dietitians will appear on television segments in major markets, according to the release.