( Courtesy Chilean Fresh Fruit Association )

More than 19,000 tons of Chilean kiwifruit had been shipped to North America in early August, with supplies expected into October.

It’s the first North American marketing campaign for the Chilean Kiwifruit Committee, and it’s led to double-digit sales increases, according to Karen Brux, managing director of the Chilean Fresh Fruit Association.

“With historically high dry matter, Chilean kiwifruit tastes better than ever this year,” Brux said in a news release. “We’re confident that if people buy our fruit once, they’ll have a great eating experience and come back for more.”

The trade campaign for the fruit includes digital coupons, in-store demos and sales and display contests at regional and national store chains. The committee’s program also includes outreach to consumers through the fruit association’s 350,000 Facebook and 20,000 Instragram fans.

“For additional consumer engagement, the committee is also running social media promotions throughout the season and working with registered dietitians for sponsored TV segments,” according to the release.

“There are so many choices in the produce department, so we need to make it as easy as possible for consumers to choose Chilean kiwifruit,” Brux said in the release.

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