Companies that provide cooling services in North America have partnered to form a new company, Chill Produce.

Chill Produce’s mission is to ease mounting regulatory burdens, according to a news release, using expertise gained by the founding companies business in the U.S., Mexico and Canada. The partnership is between ColdPick International Inc., which specializes in mobile post-harvest systems for fruit and vegetable companies, and Ecarne Sistemas, which provides large refrigeration equipment to meat and seafood companies in Mexico.

Chill Produce has offices in the U.S. and Mexico, and will provide cold chain material handling systems to growers, packers and shippers. The services Chill Produce provides can reduce labor and energy costs, according to the news release.

On-site equipment includes a “Variable Retention Time” chilling tunnel that reduces cold chain material handling labor and energy costs, according to the release, and sled-mounted Vacuum Cooling Chambers that can chill up to 22,000 pounds of produce — depending on the crop — in 30 minutes.

The company also uses Vermak tray systems that increase pallet payloads and reduce freight costs, according to the release.