Nogal areal view ( Courtesy Chiquita Brands International; Photo by Roberto Gonzáles )

Chiquita is celebrating its 15th year of protecting biodiversity in the Nogal Nature and Community Reserve in Costa Rica.

“The Nogal Reserve was established as a result of a joint effort between Chiquita Brands and a portion of its clients to advance the preservation and protection of biodiversity while also improving the quality of life of the people within the community,” according to a Chiquita news release.

Located in the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor in Central America, one of the world’s largest biodiversity hotspots, Nogal Wildlife Reserve aims to protect wildlife, support reforestation and coordinate community education and development.

“Chiquita invests a tremendous amount of thought and effort into biodiversity protection, and the Nogal Nature and community Reserve in Costa Rica is a shining example of our positive environmental impact,” Raul Gigena Pazos, human resources and sustainability director for Chiquita, said in the release.

More than 720 plant and 330 animal species have been protected because of Chiquita’s involvement in the wildlife reserve, according to the release.

Pazos said that Chiquita hopes its work with the local government and other organizations as well as community members will serve as a conservation model for others to follow. 

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