14 designs were chosen in a promotional contest to become Chiquita banana stickers. ( Image courtesy of Chiquita )

Twenty winners and 14 designs will appear on 200 million Chiquita bananas worldwide between February and March as part of the Fuel the Fun promotion.

In September, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based Chiquita announced the promotion, encouraging people around the world to submit a unique Chiquita banana sticker design, according to a news release. Each fan-submitted entry offered the chance to win prizes and be featured on the brand’s signature blue sticker.

The winners were four designs from the U.S., three from the Netherlands, three from Belgium, three from Italy, three from Greece, three from Germany; and two from Austria.

A few other sticker designs have traveled the globe, such as the brand’s annual pink sticker supporting breast cancer awareness and research, fitness stickers and limited-edition Ricardo Cavolo stickers. 

The winning designs will also be featured in Chiquita’s sales materials and on its website.

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