Two newer items from Church Brothers are increasing in production. ( Church Brothers Farms )

Salinas, Calif.-based Church Brothers Farms is increasing production and availability of its Ready Leaf and Urban Blend items.

“Our whole leaf and specialty salad programs are about providing our customers with convenient items that are prepped and ready to use,” senior vice president of sales and marketing Rick Russo said in a news release. “We are committed to providing fresh produce items that are easy to handle in the kitchen and are excited to offer Ready Leaf and Urban Blend to a wider market.”

Ready Leaf, a hybrid variety with properties of romaine and iceberg, was bred to be the perfect size for a burger. It comes triple-washed and ready to use, has a 17-day shelf life, and boasts “the highest leaf count in the industry at 55-60 leaves per pound,” per the release. Consistency in sizing of the leaves means less labor, and a higher leaf count means more servings per pound, according to Church Brothers.

Last year, the company opened a whole leaf lettuce processing line in San Luis, Mexico, that more than doubled production.

The other item becoming more widely available is Urban Blend, a mix of baby kale, baby red chard and wild arugula. It works well with different types of dressings and provides a texture and color combination that brightens dishes, per the release.