Looking at the month-to-month news items that resonated with readers this year, today I will review the top stories in February.

Earlier in this space, I looked at the top produce stories in January.

February came news of the U.S. intention to withdraw from the tomato suspension agreement, and that news led the charts.

Here are top-of-the-chart stories for February:

U.S. withdrawing from tomato suspension agreement with Mexico

Mastronardi Produce Ltd. adds big New York greenhouse

Village Farms poised for hemp, CBD production in U.S.

Cocaine seized from two ships at California port

Eat Smart Sweet Kale bagged salads recalled in Canada

Driscoll’s look at plastic reduction, other goals

CBP seizes record amount of fentanyl in cucumber truck

Village Farms to be listed on NASDAQ

Industry reacts to plans to end tomato suspension agreement

U.S. shiitake mushroom growers question Chinese imports


In the consumer media and other resources, here are some industry-related stories that caught my eye in February:

Fruit Logistica Trends Report

Florida blueberry president: Don’t blame University of Florida

Imperfect Produce starts selling ‘ugly’ fruits, veggies in Houston

Consumer expenditures

93,000 tons of packaging waste for fresh fruit and vegetables

The attraction to ‘ugly produce’ might be ending for grocers and shoppers

Eating more fruits and vegetables may help men with memory loss

Monthly Free Fruits and Veggies Giveaway Coming to East LA

Why do corner stores struggle to sell fresh produce?

Grow Up to 90 Fruits and Vegetables in Your House With This Auto-Watering Indoor Garden

For February, here are the top search terms associated with fruits and vegetables, according to Google Trends.



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  • Low-carbohydrate diet
  • Meat
  • Organic food
  • Sugar
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Banana
  • Serving size
  • Weight loss
  • Nutrient
  • Protein


  • Protein
  • Acid
  • Amino acid
  • Adipose tissue
  • Hypertension
  • Toilet paper
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  • Watermelon
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  • Fatty acid
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