( Courtesy CMI Orchards )

CMI Orchards, Wenatchee, Wash., has boosted its marketing capacity in recent years, adding more than four million boxes of fruit.

In 2018, CMI added production from Pine Canyon Growers, and this March formed a partnership with Yakima Fruit and Cold Storage Co. President Bob Mast said in a news release that the additions are part of a long-range plan to better serve customers. The additions boosted the company's apple, cherry and pear offerings.

CMI has seen recent growth in specific categories:

  • Granny smith: 89% increase;
  • Gala, 44% increase;
  • Pink Lady: 92% increase;
  • Fuji and Honeycrisp: 62% increase;
  • Organic Honeycrisp: 47% increase; and
  • Total organic crop is 3.5 million boxes.

CMI Orchards will harvest its first Washington EverCrisp apple crop, and launch the first harvest of organic EverCrisp nationwide, according to the release.

“CMI is already known within the industry as a leader for new branded items and organics, and this partnership will enable us to continue to pioneer advancements in these areas while expanding our fruit supply, meeting the needs of all of our customers,” Mast said about the Yakima Fruit partnership in the release. “We are very proud to welcome the Yakima Fruit team to the CMI Orchards Family and look forward to a long-lasting partnership.”

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