( Courtesy CMI Orchards )

Ambrosia Gold. Kiku. Kanzi. Smitten. Jazz. Envy. Pacific Rose.

These branded apples originated from around the world but are now grown in the U.S. and marketed by CMI Orchards, which is highlighting their diversity in a new promotion, Apple Flavors of the World.

The promotion can be tailored for any store format, with conventional or organic apples, George Harter, vice president of marketing for CMI Orchards, said in a news release.

“We’ve assembled a compelling program that gives retailers a destination to display the best performing, hottest branded apples available and drive customer trial,” Harter said in the release. “The idea is that retailers can evaluate sales and then build plans for long-term variety improvement.”

The branded apples are not only diverse in the story of their origins, but flavors, he said, from sweet to tart and delicate to intense.

The promotion’s toolkit includes signs, in-store displays, high-graphic and flags from Italy, Belgium, Canada and New Zealand, where the apples were discovered.

Retailers can work with sales teams to develop promotions that include sales and display contests, and customer events.

“This promotion features seven of the top 12 performing branded apples in the U.S.A.,” Harter said in the release.

Nielsen scan data for the last 52 weeks of apple sales, ending Dec. 29, shows the top ranked branded apples, Ambrosia, Jazz and Envy, had $186 million in sales versus a combined $77 million for all other branded apples in the top twelve combined, according to the release.

“We have all the tools in place to tee up a powerful sales plan for our retail accounts, maximizing the tools included in this promotion,” Robb Myers, director of sales, said in the release. “We’re offering a turnkey solution that will ultimately expose more consumers to premium branded apples to help retailers pump up sales during the slower spring months.”