Ed Monson ( Courtesy Monson Family )

Ed Monson, 73, of Greeley, Colo., died March 11.

Monson grew up in Henderson, Colo., on Monson Brothers family farm with his father Joe and mother Kathleen Monson and his two sisters, Joann and Marlene, according to his obituary published at adamsonchapels.com.

A graduate of Colorado State University, Monson initially pursued a career in flower growing, at Katayama Greenhouses and then for Amato Greenhouses in Brighton, Colo.

The obituary said his love for farming led him back to the carrot and onion fields, with his father and sister at Monson Bros. Co. 

After he retired from farming, Monson traveled the U.S., with one of his jobs scouting crops for the Michael Cutler Produce Co., Scranton, Pa.