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Connect 2 Potential is re-vamping its Lean into Leadership program for women, and the new Thriving Leaders Project will be open to men and women in the industry.

Connect 2 Potential, founded by Wendy McManus, is designed to help produce industry members become leaders through one-on-one coaching, leadership development and group facilitation, according to a news release.

“Having offered Lean into Leadership several times for women only, I’ve heard the calls to make it a co-ed program,” said McManus. “Both men and women in the industry have encouraged me to embrace this new model for supporting leadership development amongst produce professionals.”

The first Thriving Leaders Project will convene early next year. Applications will soon be available www.connect2potential.com/.

McManus has completed an 18-month coach training program through the Coaches Training Institute, according to the release, which included more than 200 hours of training.

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