Conversations at United - Jeff with Windset Farms
Jeff Madu, director of sales for Windset Farms, talks with The Packer's retail editor Ashley Nickle. ( The Packer )

Delta, British Columbia-based Windset Farms spoke with visitors to its United Fresh Live! booth about its greenhouse-grown Cameo cherry tomatoes-on-the-vine, its Crescendo long peppers, its Fresco Baby Cucumbers and other items.

Windset Farms grows numerous varieties of tomatoes, bell peppers and cucumbers and operates in Canada, Mexico and the U.S.

Director of sales Jeff Madu described the United Fresh Live! platform as user-friendly and a chance to connect with other industry members.

“For the time frame that they’d had to put this information together, and (they’re allowing) us to do something that no one else is allowing us to do ... it’s really been the next-best thing,” Madu said. “I feel that they’ve done a great job.”

Conversing with attendees using the chat function provided some opportunities, and the platform was helpful to capture chances for later follow-up.

“Obviously it’s not the same connection, you don’t have quite the same dialogue when you have to sort of type your communication, but it has allowed us to maybe join with some other people that we may not have,” Madu said. “They’ve been able to leave information and we can get back to them, so there’s definitely some pros to how it went.”

Having education more accessible to the company’s entire team was definitely a plus of the format and something that will be part of the future, he noted.

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