Conversations at United - Nelia with Renaissance Food Group
Nelia Alamo, vice president of communications for Renaissance Food Group, talks with The Packer's retail editor Ashley Nickle. ( T he Packer )

Rancho Cordova, Calif.-based Renaissance Food Group added some people-centric elements to its booth at United Fresh Live! to give its virtual presence more personality.

Videos included welcome messages from executive vice president of business development Raina Nelson and vice president of quality assurance and food safety Cheryl Enlow, plus videos featuring various product lines introduced by chefs who work with RFG.

Nelia Alamo, vice president of communications for RFG, noted that the company is featuring at its booth some of its newer lines, especially some grilling items and premium platters.

“We’re excited to show customers and people attending some of our new lines, including foodservice, which is a new product line for us,” Alamo said.

One element of a virtual show that RFG is excited about, Alamo said, is having more members of their team take advantage of the educational opportunities. It is also a unique opportunity to “walk” the floor and learn more about other exhibits, since most people who work booths at traditional trade shows don’t have much time to explore.

Alamo also noted the opening general session, which featured a message from United Fresh chairman Michael Muzyk, struck just the right note.

“As a marketer, I loved Michael’s shout-out to the marketers and appreciation for that,” Alamo said. “He did a great job, him and Tom (Stenzel) and the other speaker (Katie Fitzgerald), so great way to get it kicked off,” Alamo said.