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Trying to find potatoes at the supermarket isn’t as tough as finding toilet paper, but spuds have been moving fast and furious during the early days of the lockdown with the COVID-19 outbreak.

Where does the market go from here?

The market report from Pro*Act’s Mike Mouisset said consumer demand has been hot. From the March 18 report:

“Markets on large size potatoes continue to rise on 40 count through 70 count and 10oz #2 grade. Consumer demand is extremely active, with poly bags selling out quickly. With the limited volume available on consumer bags, retailers have also started pulling cartons as well. Suppliers have switched over to Burbanks to take advantage of the retail demand and use the smaller sizes to pack up as many poly bags as possible in daily runs. As foodservice outlets continue to be temporarily shut down, grower-shippers will continue to adjust into smaller size cellars and utilize the Burbank variety to meet the current demand. All other regions such as Washington, Colorado, and Wisconsin are following suit. We will continue to see a rise in consumer bag pricing as well as smaller size cartons."

Also, from the Markon report

"Prices continue to climb; orders are outpacing Idaho potato levels, especially 40- to 70- count stocks. Demand is shifting to Washington’s Norkotah market, but prices will keep rising through the rest of the season. There is a wide range of quality on the market."



TK: Potatoes are in a good place, and the consensus is that the good times will continue.

Check out a few potato prices charts that also paint the picture