( Logo courtesy Cortec Corp. )

Cortec Corp. produces compostable bags that do not contain polyethylene and can biodegrade without harming the surrounding environment, according to the company.

The company, according to a news release, custom-manufactures such film for all-purpose waste bags and shopping bags under the Eco Works brand name.

The U.S. patented films and bags are compostable in a commercial compost setting and contain biodegradable polyesters, including an annually renewable biopolymer source derived from plant sugars, according to the release. 

The bags are available in Eco Works 10 and Eco Works 30 versions, containing 10% and 30% biobased polymers.

The bags are produced and recycled for the North American market at Cortec Advanced Films in Cambridge, Minn., and for the European market at EcoCortec in Beli Manastir, Croatia, according to the release.