Staff members at the Nuchi Sansekan Health Clinic, established by Covilli Brand Organics for its farm workers and their families. ( Courtesy Covilli )

Sales of Covilli Brand Organics Fair Trade vegetables has funded the Nuchi Sansekan Health Clinic in Triunfo de Santa Rosa, Guaymas, in the Mexican state of Sonora.

Covilli representatives joined farm workers, retailers and others Jan. 12 to celebrate the clinic’s opening. The clinic is fully funded by sales of Covilli brand produce, through its Fair Trade program, according to a news release. It’s managed by Covilli’s Fair Trade Association of farmworks, Nuchi Sansekan.

The company achieved Fair Trade certification in 2015, collecting $1 million since then, according to the release. The clinic offers primary and preventive health care and dentistry services to more than 700 Covilli farm workers, their family, and nearby communities.