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Everyone talks about the importance of culture in driving performance and contributing to an org’s success.

“This year, we’re walking the talk,” said Canadian Produce Marketing Association president Ron Lemaire. 

“We’ve created an award that recognizes the strong corporate culture we know exists in the produce industry.” 

To kick-start the process, CPMA has partnered with executive search firm Waterstone Human Capital to offer all members, including those outside Canada, the opportunity to assess their corporate culture at a heavily discounted rate.

Waterstone’s fully confidential employee survey is designed to help orgs identify and articulate their culture, then benchmark it against the behaviors that drive Canada’s most admired corporate cultures. 

Members completing the Waterstone assessment receive a customized report highlighting their results as well as potential areas for improvement. They’re also automatically entered to win CPMA’s inaugural Corporate Culture Award. 

Lemaire said several companies signed up to participate and are entered for this year’s award. Only the winning org will be announced at the Montreal convention, he said, and Waterstone will keep all results confidential.

For more insights on the importance of a strong culture to the success of your business, listen in to CPMA’s January episode of the Produce Talks podcast, Cultivating Corporate Culture for Business Performance.

The episode features insights from John Anderson at The Oppenheimer Group and Barrie Carlyle from Waterstone Human Capital as they explore the culture of business and discuss the inaugural CPMA award.