( Courtesy Crespo )

El Grupo Crespo, which markets Crespo-brand mangoes, has opened its packing facility in Chiapas, packing and shipping organic mangoes from the facility.

The company’s Chiapas facility, known as Empaque Don Jorge II, is in Ocozocoautla de Espinosa, Chiapas. For most of the 2019 season, conventional mangoes were packed there, but it has been organic certified, according to a news release.

Another Crespo packinghouse, Empaque Don Jorge I, is in the state of Sinaloa. It underwent a remodel last year and is a hydrothermal mango packinghouse, according to the release.

The Chiapas packinghouse can process about four truckloads a day. It has four hydrothermal tanks, a washing line and three packing lines, one of which is dedicated to organic mangoes, according to the release.

It has a capacity to store about 130 pallets in cold storage.

The facility is about a four-day drive from the company’s warehouses in McAllen, Texas, and Nogales, Ariz., according to the release. It operates six days a week during the season, February through late April.

El Grupo Crespo has more than 500 acres of ataulfo and tommy atkins orchards about 2 hours away from the facility.

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