( Courtesy Critchley Family Farms )

Blueberry grower Critchley Family Farms, Kingsburg, Calif., is celebrating the Year of the Blueberry with a consumer contest.

The company is giving away $20 gift cards to be redeemed at local retailers, according to a news release.

Consumers can enter by posting a pic of them enjoying blueberries and sharing it on social media channels.

The company introduced activity pages for children on its website.

“We feel it is our responsibility to educate consumers about how and where their food is grown and the importance of buying local,” according to the release. “With kids being at home with online/virtual schooling; we also felt that this would be a great opportunity to incorporate fun educational activities that include coloring, word searches, science, and health/nutritional information about blueberries.”

Critchley Family Farms, a third-generation farm, also grows almonds and table grapes.