( Logo courtesy USDA; graphic by Brooke Park )

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has stripped Cruisin’ On Inc. of its Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act license for not paying for $1.13 million in fresh produce it received.

The Miami company, which does business as The Produce Network and Diamond Produce Wholesalers & Packers Inc. failed to pay for $1,135,650 to four sellers of produce that it received from May 2016 to September 2017, according to a news release from the USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service’s PACA branch.

Cruisin’ On/Diamond cannot operate in the industry until March 4, 2022, and then only after receiving approval by the USDA for a surety bond.

USDA has also ruled that the company’s principal, Joseph Thornton, may not be employed by or affiliated with a PACA licensee, according to the release, until March 4, 2021, and then only if the USDA approves a surety bond, according to the release.

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