Kate Reeb, marketing director for Sun Pacific, Pasadena, Calif. said the company is offering a new snacking station display for Cuties this year. The small-footprint snacking station is designed to be a secondary display for high impulse purchases, she said. ( The Packer )

ORLANDO, Fla. — Bringing together two big consumer brands, Pasadena, Calif.-based Sun Pacific Cuties are the official citrus at Disney resorts.

Kate Reeb, marketing director for Sun Pacific, Pasadena, Calif., said the partnership will mean Cuties will be featured throughout the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and Disneyland Resort in California.

Sun Pacific promoted the partnership at the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit Oct. 19-20.

Cuties will be sold in the Disneyland park beginning on Nov. 15 and the Disney World park on Nov. 26, she said, starting what will be a year-round program.

Visitors to the resorts will be able to purchase three-pack bags of Cuties at fruit carts and “grab-and-go” locations that currently sell fresh fruit, she said. Cuties will also be a default side option in kid’s meals at more than 16 quick-service restaurants. 

Fine-dining restaurants will have Cuties on the menu board, and Cuties-related graphics will be featured in game sheets that are distributed to children at the restaurants.

Cuties also will be sold at resorts owned by Disney World; Reeb said Disney World resorts alone have more than 3,500 hotel rooms.

To accentuate the partnership, Reeb said Sun Pacific will be promoting a month-long national sweepstakes for consumers from mid-February to mid-March. The two top prizes are expense-paid trips to Disney parks.

Sun Pacific also will have a display contest for retailers to promote the sweepstakes, she said, in addition to social media campaigns with Disney.

“Our brands go together so well. They are iconic brands that are so well trusted and our target audience is really the same person,” she said, noting that both Cuties and Disney appeals to Gen X moms who grew up with the brands.

Organic Mighties

Sun Pacific’s Mighties Kiwi brand is growing fast, and Reeb said Sun Pacific is adding organic Mighties this season.

Mighties Kiwi brand has helped grow the category compared with bulk merchandising, she said.
When consumers pick up a two-pound clamshell of Mighties, they get about eight pieces of fruit instead of one or two from a bulk display. The retail ring is $4.99 to $5.99.

Mighties clamshells have a sleeve around them, allowing the company to include information. 

“We really want to make kiwi would be the next avocado, and the problem is people just haven’t understood the nutritional values, how great it tastes, how to cut it,” she said. “With the sleeve, Mighties can tell about the fruit’s nutritional values — more vitamin C than an orange, more vitamin E and K than an avocado and more potassium than a banana and more fiber than a bowl of cereal.” 

The pack also comes with a tool to slice and scoop out the fruit.

Packaged kiwifruit sales are up 12% in the last year, while bulk kiwifruit sales are off 14%.
Mighties have 43% of the packaged kiwifruit category, Reeb said. 

“So we are driving the story, driving the sales and increasing the average ring,” she said.
California Organic Mighties in one-pound clamshells will be shipped the first week of November.

The organic Mighties will have a purple sleeve. Sun Pacific will offer a distinctive organic shipper/display bin for the organic kiwifruit.