The Dallas Fresh Food Association's donation of a salad bar to Faith Family Academy-Oak Cliff, is the first for the group, but more donations are planned. ( Courtesy Dallas Fresh Food Association )

The Dallas Fresh Food Association has donated a salad bar to Faith Family Academy-Oak Cliff in Dallas.

The association (DFFA)  celebrated the donation on May 21, when students used it for the first time.

“Knowing some of the students at Faith Family Academy-Oak Cliff have difficulty accessing fresh fruits and vegetables at home, it is rewarding knowing DFFA is stepping in to ensure these healthy options are available at school,” association board member Michael Grinstead said in a news release.

The Dallas Fresh Food Association plans to donated at least two salad bars a year to Dallas schools, and the association has lined up support from companies to pay for another one, according to the release.

The salad bar program was started by the United Fresh Start Foundation, which has donated more than 5,000 salad bars to schools across the country.

The Faith Family Academy-Oak Cliff salad bar was financed by:

  • Robinson Fresh;
  • Hardie’s Fresh Foods;
  • Land and Sea Proteins;
  • National Produce Consultants; and
  • The Grinstead Group.

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