( Courtesy Dallas Fresh Food Association )
A kick-off membership drive for the new Dallas Fresh Food Association is set for mid-September.
The event is slated for Sept. 13 at the North Texas Food Bank office, adjacent to the Dallas Farmer’s Market, according to a news release.
“To increase consumption, we will be providing programs for education and access to fresh foods through community programs and events.” Bobby Grinstead, a founding member of DFFA, said in the release.
The association will focus on ways to provide fresh food for students and young children.
The Dallas Fresh Food Association also will encourage career development in the fresh food industry.
“Engaging new fresh careers, events will be held to inspire young bright minds right out of high school and college to be a part of the fresh food industry,” Grinstead said in the release. “For our members, we will have luncheons, networking events, leadership opportunities on boards, and education seminars that will aid in career development.”
Events include bi-monthly luncheons where guest speakers talk about their experiences and industry trends.
Founding members of the association include:
  • Dale Long, North Texas Food Bank;
  • Craig Slate, SunFed;
  • Jeff Fugate, Kroger;
  • Steve Monson, Robinson Fresh;
  • Mark Austin and Jim Kasko of Hardie’s Fresh Foods;
  • Dan’l Mackey Almy, Beth Atkinson, and Marci Allen of DMA Solutions,; and 
  • Steve Grinstead, Bobby Grinstead, and Michael Grinstead of The Grinstead Group.