Dan Andrews Farms LLC is adding to its melon lineup of cantaloupe, honeydew and watermelon. ( Photo courtesy Dan Andrews Farms LLC )

Dan Andrews Farms LLC, Bakersfield, Calif., is adding two varieties to its melon offerings this season, said owner Danny Andrews.

The company, which has grown honeydews, cantaloupes and watermelons in the past, also will offer orange-flesh honeydews this season along with hami melons, which are football-shaped with white flesh and have an exterior yellow rind with some green mixed in.

Hami melons taste similar to honeydews but are more of an Asian specialty melon, he said.

Andrews said he reduced cantaloupe acreage to add the new melons, which were requested by customers.

“We’ll see how they do,” he said.

They should be available in June and July.

Dan Andrews Farms also has gotten back into the carrot deal after an absence of a couple of years and will grow jumbo and short-cut carrots for Bakersfield-based Grimmway Farms.