Del Monte is using AgroFresh's RipeLock system to improve the shelf life of bananas at retail. ( File photo )

AgroFresh Solutions Inc. and Del Monte Fresh Produce NA are collaborating to give retailers tools to extend the shelf life of bananas across the country.

The plan is to extend distribution of AgroFresh’s RipeLock system to improve the quality of bananas on the shelves longer, reducing shrink and enhancing quality, according to a news release.

RipeLock controls respiration of bananas in transit, at ripening centers and during distribution, according to the release, which reduced banana weight loss, and improving appearance and taste of the fruit, according to the release.

The company has successfully worked to improve the shelf life of apples, according to the release.

“Our latest solution for bananas promises to do the same, while underscoring our overall commitment to enhancing fruit quality for both our customers and consumers alike,” Jordi Ferre, AgroFresh CEO, said in the release.

Emanuel Lazopoulis, senior vice president of North American sales, marketing and product management for Del Monte, said the company strives to provide retailers with the fresh, quality bananas.

“Now, with the collaboration with AgroFresh, we will have even more tools to support our customers and further improve their banana program,” Lazopoulos said in the release.

According to an NPD Group study, about half of consumers prefer to buy bananas that are more yellow than green. The RipeLock technology, according to the release, enables retailers to display bright yellow bananas that stay fresher longer, according to the release.