Del Rey Avocado won a supplier award from organics-focused retailer Whole Foods. Pictured is Del Rey's leadership team. ( Del Rey Avocado )

Fallbrook, Calif.-based Del Rey Avocado has been recognized by Whole Foods for its service and partnership.

“In addition to always being readily available and providing transparency, the Del Rey team is committed to high quality and social responsibility by creating economically viable business relationships, utilizing technologies that minimize waste, and practicing environmentally sound agricultural practices in growing their avocados,” Whole Foods wrote in a news release.

The retailer celebrated Del Rey and 31 other suppliers at a reception Feb. 18 in Austin, Texas.

“It was a great night for Del Rey Avocado and our partnership with Whole Foods, truly a humbling experience for the entire Del Rey family,” president Bob Lucy said in the release.

Whole Foods chose suppliers based on their 2019 accomplishments and their “ongoing commitments to quality, environmental stewardship, organic integrity, innovation, purpose and partnership,” per the release.

Del Rey Avocado is fair trade certified, has converted several ranches to solar power already and is in the process of converting its Southern California packing facility to solar.

“We recognize that our social, environmental and ethical conduct has an impact on our reputation,” vice president of sales Patrick Lucy said in the release. “Therefore we commit to continual improvement in our performance, efficient use of natural resources and aspire to zero harm to people and the environment.”