( Courtesy DeltaTrack )

DeltaTrak plans to feature the next generation FlashLink Real-Time Mini Loggers at the Produce Marketing Association’s Foodservice Expo July 27.

The next generation mini logger features an extended battery life and a real-time logger that tracks temperature, humidity and location information using cellular technology, according to a news release.

Shipments can be tracked worldwide using DeltaTrak’s ColdTrak 24/7 cloud service, which provides up-to-the-minute information, according to the release. Information can be accessed via the internet.

The ColdTrak portal allows for documentation uploads to archive data for the Food Safety Modernization Act, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point programs and regulatory compliance, according to the release.

“The FlashLink Real-Time Loggers help out customers closely track temperature before it reaches a dangerous level, Frederick Wu, DeltaTrak president and CEO, said in the release. “Equally important, the data and reporting are extremely valuable tools for traceability and audit purposes.” 

The in-trasit logger is offered in two models. One uploads data every 10 minutes for a 15-day logging period, and the other uploads data every hour for 60-day logging durations, according to the release. Shippers can program trip durations and logging intervals.

DeltaTrak is offering demonstrations of the FlashLink Real-Time Mini Loggers at booth No. 1418.

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