( Hass Avocado Board )

Hispanic households are buying avocados at a rate nearly 50% above non-Hispanic households.

An examination of the demographic factors behind that statistic was the basis of a new Hass Avocado Board study of demographic insights linked to avocado purchases.

Hispanic households boast an avocado household buying rate that is 45% higher compared with non-Hispanic avocado households, according to a news release.

The Hass Avocado Board study, called Hispanic Avocado Shopper Insights, looked at six key demographic variables of both Hispanic and Non-Hispanic avocado-purchasing households.

“Hispanic avocado shoppers are heavily engaged in the category,” Emiliano Escobedo, executive director of the Hass Avocado Board, said in the release. “And these demographic insights help connect the dots between the purchase data and the real consumers who are purchasing and making avocados a regular part of their lifestyle and meal plans.” 

Based on household purchase data from the IRI Consumer Network, the study found five demographic variables analyzed appear to be factors in the higher per household avocado spend by

Hispanic avocado households. Those demographic variables are:

  • Household size (number of people in the household);
  • Presence of children; 
  • Marital status of head of household;
  • Age of head of household; and
  • Household location (in high or low population cities). 

The study found household size to be a likely factor in higher avocado purchases by Hispanic households. Hispanic households tend to be larger, according to the release, with 62% of Hispanic household consisting of three or more people, compared with 41% for non-Hispanic households.

The study found that three- or more-person Hispanic households account for 64% of total Hispanic household avocado purchases. 

Likewise, 50% of Hispanic households have children at home, compared with just 33% for Non-Hispanic households. The study found 78% of Hispanic heads of household are married compared to 65% of non-Hispanic heads of household.

The complete results of the study are available from Hass Avocado Board website.


Submitted by r henry on Mon, 10/29/2018 - 14:08

"Hispanic households are buying avocados at a rate nearly 50% above non-Hispanic households."

Uhm...was there ever a time when this was NOT known?