( Courtesy Dole Food Co. )

Charlotte, N.C.-based Dole Food Co. discontinued its line of Dole Organic Salad Kits early last year to concentrate on the development of other organic products, said Bil Goldfield, director of corporate communications.

“Dole is committed to meeting consumer demands for organic fruits and vegetables in the future and to growing our current organic business,” he said.

One way the company plans to do that in 2020 is by more fully incorporating organic recipes, products and serving suggestions into its year-around nutritional education program led by Melanie Marcus, nutrition and health communications manager. 

“We’re also exploring ways to include more organic recipes and serving suggestions into Dole’s marketing, social, PR and blogger/influencer programs and in our multiyear healthy-living collaboration with The Walt Disney Co., which continues in 2020,” Goldfield said.