Dole Food Co. has a promotion with Monsters Inc. characters. ( Courtesy Dole Food Co. )

Dole Food Co. has partnered with Pixar film “Monsters Inc.” to launch recipes, serving suggestions, digital and social activations, family-friendly activities, trivia and influencer partnerships.

“Dole’s passion for produce includes not only America’s favorites — bananas, apples, lettuces, celery, carrots and broccoli — but dozens of more diverse and exotic fruits and vegetables like horned melon, dragon fruit and artichokes,” Bil Goldfield, Dole’s director of communication, said in the release.

With the goal of dismantling produce misconceptions and reintroducing forgotten produce, Dole is working to stop “produce paranoia.”

“We’re out to correct some everyday produce myths ranging from brussels sprouts will always taste bitter to there is no good use for overripe bananas,” Goldfield said in the release. “We’ll lay to rest forever the misconception that only perfectly ripe, unblemished produce is worthy of our recipes and attention.”

Five “Monsters in the Kitchen” recipes have been released, and activity sheets are available on the Dole website. More recipes, produce trivia, DIY videos and other promotions will be available later this summer.

“Like the characters in a Disney or Pixar feature, you can’t judge a fruit or vegetable by its appearance; nature’s true beauty often lies within,” Goldfield said.

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