Dole bananas are one of many of the company's fresh products that will feature Star Wars-themed packaging as part of its latest partnership with Disney.


Dole salad blends, vegetables, bananas, pineapples and berries will soon have “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” characters on their packaging.

Twelve recipes inspired by the movie — among them Threepio Salad, Wookiee Noodles and Tatooine Blue Milk — will be released throughout the 18-week promotion.

Consumers may enter a weekly drawing for prizes, which include character figurines and voice-activated, remote-controlled BB-8 toys, according to a news release.

Dole packaging with Star Wars characters will debut in stores Oct. 8, and the movie is schedule to come out Dec. 15.

“The Star Wars universe is enormous, and its appeal and archetypes span multiple generations,” Bil Goldfield, director of corporate communications for Dole, said in the release. “I watched it with my father 40 years ago and it still remains relevant and influential today with my young daughter.

“Having Dole products supporting this campaign — and Star Wars characters identified with a healthy eating — will connect with families across the galaxy,” Goldfield said.

The promotion, United for a Healthy Galaxy, is slated to run through mid-February.

Dole and Disney have also collaborated on campaigns Fuel Up with Dole (“Cars 3”) in March and There’s Beauty in Healthy Living (“Beauty and the Beast”) this summer.

The companies first worked together last year on a program around “Moana.”